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After 25 years, the STRANGE ANIMAL returns.


GOWAN 2012

Some believe the ancient Mayans may have predicted that the world will end in 2012.
So I wonder, is it mere co-incidence or fate that the 1987 Moonlight Desires video from the Mayan pyramids of Mexico is having it's 25th anniversary this year?
Will this be "IT" or will this Great Dirty World go on?

This much is certain: April 2012 marks the opening of Gowan-season for this year.
We are ready for shows in l'Assomption Quebec on April 1st, Parry Sound Ontario April 2nd, Belleville Ontario on the 3rd and North Bay Ontario the 4th.

More shows will be announced in the next few months.
The band will have the same line-up that played four sold-out shows at Fallsview Niagara in 2010 and 2011: Todd Sucherman (drummer from Styx), Terry Gowan and Peter Nunn (Gowan band since 1985) Danny J on guitar and Taylor Mills (from the Brian Wilson band) on vocals. I'm diggin' it.

Also coinciding with the start of Gowan-season, in April the 25th Anniversary Special Edition of the Great Dirty World album will be released to commemorate the occasion.

We are very pleased to announce these events and hope that you will enjoy the festivities... ( if in fact the world DOES end, at least you'll be glad you joined us one last time)

Cheers and Giant Awakenings, Gowan